KPAI: Sexual crimes on children is usually extraordinary crimes, JAKARTA — President Joko Widodo will hold a meeting with head of child protection committee (KPAI) along with ministers in President’s office in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/5). The government think there are must be empowerment to prevent violence towards kids in Indonesia.

Head of KPAI Asroun Ni’am said the government is usually doing synergy to prevent reoccurrence of violence on children.

“President is usually very focus in issue of children protection. The president effort is usually must to be appreciated along with become trigger to all of sides to realize caring along with protection of children,” he said to, Wednesday.

Almost all of ministers in Work cabinet (kabinet kerja) will attend in which meeting. Such as minister of economic coordinator Darmin Nasution, along with minister of secretary of state. along with then minister pf health, health minister, social minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa along with chief of national police.

“Child Sexual Crimes is usually Extraordinary Crimes, so This particular need extraordinary effort too through state. through prevention until how to handle,” he said. He added, This particular’s absolutely not logic if extraordinary crime handled with usual way.

“This particular perception must be changed along with continued by real step,” he added.

KPAI: Sexual crimes on children is usually extraordinary crimes

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