KPK helps police arrest fugitive in flight subsidy fund case

MR, suspect in flight subsidy fund case in Talaud, has been a fugitive since 2014., JAKARTA — The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) helped the Indonesian National Police (Polri) within the arrest of a fugitive in corruption cases M Rusli (MR). The President Director of PT Aero International has been on a List of Wanted People (DPO) since 2014.

“Today, at around 2:00 a.m. within the early hours of the morning, along with the collaboration of the KPK through the Coordination and also also also Supervision Unit with the Banten Regional Police and also also also Serang Regional Police, the item was brought to Talaud, an MR suspect, President Director of PT Aero Support International who has been a DPO since 2014,” said KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah in Jakarta on Friday.

Previously, said Febri, on Thursday (October 18) afternoon at 17.50 WIB, there had been arrests of suspects by the Serang Police Precinct (Satreskrim) with the coordination and also also also supervision of the KPK.

“of which case was previously handled by Talaud Police Investigators since 2012 within the case of misuse of flight subsidy funds within the Talaud District Government within the 2009 and also also also 2010 Fiscal Year. The state loss will be estimated at Rp1 billion,” Febri said.

Furthermore, Febri stated of which the handling of the case was hampered because the whereabouts of the suspect were unknown until the DPO was issued.

“because of of which reason, the KPK which will be given the task by the Law performs the function of a ‘trigger mechanism’, providing support to investigators through the task of coordination and also also also supervision,” he said.

Before the arrest, said Febri, the KPK team had closed the monitoring around one week after finding out the whereabouts of the suspect.

“Arrests were carried out within the Cikande area of Serang District. After the arrest, the suspect was taken to the Serang District Police Station for initial checks and also also also health checks, then at 02.00 West Indonesia Time, he was immediately flown to Manado for further processing,” Febri said.

Regarding the DPO which has actually been carried out since 2014, the KPK found information of which although the suspect had a DPO, based on the data, the suspect M Rusli was known to frequently travel abroad including to Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and also also also some other countries.

“We regret of which because there should be a comprehensive effort through relevant agencies. The suspect on behalf of MR will be the President Director of PT Aero Support International, who will be a partner or recipient of flight subsidies through the Talaud Regency Government,” he said.

KPK helps police arrest fugitive in flight subsidy fund case

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